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Giving Back

Giving Back


At Preferred Financial, we recognize the importance of supporting those charitable organizations, both national and local in scope, that provide wonderful services to ourselves and those we love.  While these organizations would certainly survive without our support, we show our gratitude by giving what we can in order to contribute to their effectiveness.

In 2000, Preferred Financial and my family launched an annual charitable donations campaign for “giving back”.  We established a ten year goal of reaching $500,000 in combined donations. Our efforts and accomplishments in this regard were summarized in my annual Holiday Greetings letter sent to clients. In that first year, over $20,000 was given to a small group of local and national charitable organization (Holiday Greetings 2000). In 2008, with donations for the year exceeding $70,000, we eclipsed our ten year goal of $500,000 (Holiday Greetings 2008). That year, we renewed our commitment to continuing our giving backefforts.  Now, in 2014, we are very pleased to announce annual donations of over $90,000, taking our total charitable contributions since we began the program to over One Million Dollars (Holiday Greetings 2014).

An interesting seed was planted in in 2012 when my daughter, Lauren, and 18 of her St. Mary’s College classmates, embarked on a three week work study program in Rwanda. The object was to deepen the students’ understanding of Rwanda’s post-genocide rebuilding process and how best to help. As expected, it was a life-changing experience for many of the students, Lauren included. Upon their arrival at San Francisco International Airport, the students were greeted by family and friends. My wife, Angie, and I were among the welcoming entourage. When Lauren spotted us, she ran to us, sobbing with love and heartfelt gratitude for the blessings in her life.  Born from her experience was the creation of a new challenge for Lauren and Angie to join others in making a difference in the world on an ongoing basis.  Since then, they’ve accomplished much, increasing awareness and, more importantly, taking action related to a matter that most of us probably have never once thought about. The charitable organization they’ve chosen to work with is “Days for Girls International”. What they do for girls around the world is amazing. To date, Lauren and Angie, in partnership with “Days for Girls”, have manufactured and sent thousands of quality sustainable feminine hygiene kits to girls in Rwanda, Viet Nam, Zimbabwe, Cameroon and Haiti. The story continues below – See Activities that Matter.

These are but a few of the ways in which we’re expressing our gratitude to our clients, who have put their trust in us by allowing us to service their financial needs.  Furthermore, we appreciate the risk you take when passing our name on to others who might benefit from our services.  Our primary objective is to have those people ultimately thank you for that introduction. It’s a simple concept upon which a very, very successful company, Preferred Financial, continues to grow.

Lastly, we encourage you to pass on to us names of those charitable organizations that are near and dear to you or to your loved ones. We will do our due diligence with hopes that we can offer them support.


Anthony D. Bilich, CEO
Preferred Financial Group, Inc.



Please be our guest and take a moment to view some of the specifics of our many charitable activities:

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View letters sent to our clients from 2000 to the present, detailing recipients and portions of the over
One Million Dollars
we’ve donated thus far.


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Newest Donations
View most recent donations to charitable organizations including a brief summary of the focus of the charity and contact information should you be interested.


Once again, we encourage you to pass on to us names of those charitable organizations that are near and dear to you or to your loved ones. We will do our due diligence with hopes that we can offer them support.