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      • Single, age 23,
      • Recent college graduate, earning $40,000 per year
      • No dependents


  • Reasons For Coverage:
  • Burial and other final expenses—Costs within this category can easily amount to $10,000-$20,000.
  • Peace of mind—knowing others will not have to be responsible for debts you incurred or expenses incurred on your behalf.


  • Reasons To Consider Coverage:
  • Lock in a low premium at a young age—premiums for life insurance can easily double between ages 23 and 45
  • Provide a nest egg for your future and/or unexpected emergencies—the cash value feature found in a variety of life insurance policies is easily accessible when needed for any purpose.


  • Too Soon To Consider Coverage:
  • Income replacement—Proceeds from a life insurance policy can replace lost income from the insured due to death.
  • Provide funds for college—Proceeds from a life insurance policy are not restricted in use so it is a perfect solution to insuring that college funds are available to the family in the event of the premature death of the breadwinner. On the brighter side, a properly selected cash value policy will have funds available to the policy holder as a loan.
  • Mortgage protection—the right term decreasing term policy will pay off the family’s mortgage at the untimely death of the breadwinner enabling the family to remain in the home
  • Supplement your retirement plan—the potential build-up of cash value from a life insurance policy during your working years can be used as supplemental income during your retired years.
  • As a tool for estate planning—you can transfer more wealth to your family if a life insurance policy is part of your estate


  • Overview: