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"Can I Afford Accident Only Disability Insurance?"


An accident only insurance policy protects you against your inability to work as the result of a disabling accident. This type of policy is the most restrictive as to defining the disability. This feature is what makes an accident only disability policy one of the best values in the industry making it very affordable to most people.The charts below provide illustrations of varying premiums based on tailoring a policy by selecting the Monthly Benefit period, Elimination Period and/or Benefit Period.


As evidenced by the charts above, the cost of securing an Accident Only Disability Policy is within most people’s financial reach and as such should be a consideration in a family’s overall financial plan. However, Accident Only Disability policies only provide a monthly benefit if you are unable to work due to a disabling accident. If you become disabled as a result of illness you will not be covered and will have to look to income replacement from other sources.