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"Should You Purchase Diability Insurance Now Or Wait Until Later?"

Below you will see that the cost of disability insurance, irrespective of the type of policy chosen, will never be lower than it is today. However, that in and of itself is no reason to purchase a disability insurance policy. The reason to purchase should be based on a need. That need should either exist today or have a strong likelihood that it will exist in the not too distant foreseeable future. Here is a chart that will help you understand potential benefits of purchasing sooner than later.



It is pretty evident that purchasing disability insurance sooner rather than later is beneficial. But again, without a need you would likely be wasting some money. However, there is another reason that is often overlooked for purchasing disability insurance sooner rather than later and that relates to insurability. As you age, there an increasing likelihood that you will suffer a medical issue or disability that will cause an insurance company to rate you as uninsurable….eliminating the ability to purchase a policy when you need it most.