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Frequently Asked Questions

"Do You Have To Be Healthy To Get Life Insurance?"


The simple answer is no. However, it certainly pays to be healthy while you are shopping for life insurance. When you apply for life insurance, you are subjected to certain underwriting guidelines that seek to determine the risk of your early death. Essentially, the healthier you are perceived to be, the longer you’re expected to live. Conversely, an unhealthy person is expected to die sooner than a healthy person.  Here are the typical risk categories for life insurance applicants:


Preferred RiskYou are considered to be more likely to outlive an average person in your age category… hence the “best” rate.


Standard RiskYou are considered an average risk of death in your age category….hence the average or “base” rate


Substandard RiskYou are still insurable, but with an above average risk for death in your age category, hence an increased rate


Uninsurable Risk:You are considered to have too high a probability of early death and, as such, you will not be able to purchase life insurance at any price.