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Refinance Analysis Calculator


We developed this calculator over ten years ago in response to some of our clients’ concerns about refinancing for a lower rate, but having to start again with a new 30 year mortgage. We enjoyed hearing our clients voice this concern because it indicated to us that our clients were interested in making informed financial decisions about their mortgage choice, rather than spontaneous decisions.

By now, you may know that one of the first discussions we have with a borrower is whether or not we can improve on their existing loan through a “no fee, no point loan” or what we refer to as a “no cost loan”.  (In essence, this is where a borrower can refinance their existing loan, maintaining the exact same loan balance and have Preferred Financial pay all of the non-recurring closing costs. For a detailed explanation of this concept, please see “Is there a true no cost loan?” in our Frequently Asked Questions section..) 

The decision here is easy and involves two questions.

  • First, what is the borrower’s current interest rate? 

  • And, second, What is the current rate for a “no cost loan"?

If the answer to the second question is a lower rate than the first question, we have a “no brainer”. Intuitively, we knew it was a “no brainer” but we had to develop a way to illustrate this to our clients.

Click here to show our examples and detailed narrative.

To compare your current situation, simply complete the shaded boxes below (Current Interest Rate, Current Monthly Payment & Current Loan Balance).  Your # of Payments Remaining” will be calculated automatically.

Next, select an interest rate of just .250% lower than your current interest rate and enter it in the shaded Proposed Interest Rate box below. That is, if you currently have an interest rate of 6.250%, then enter 6.000% or lower as the Proposed Interest Rate.

Current Loan Balance
Interest Rate
Monthly Payment
# Payments Remaining


Loan Amount
(must be no greater than current loan balance)
Interest Rate
Term in Years
Monthly Payment

Results will be displayed here once you have filled in the form and click Calculate.